Game Specific Configuration

Automatic Configuration

When you launch a game from Sim Commander, we make every effort to automatically configure the game settings to function correctly with Sim Commander. Most of the time you need to do nothing other than launch a game from the Sim Commander main screen. 

Games Requiring Special Configuration

A few games have inaccessible or encrypted settings files making automatic configuration impossible. The list below describes how to manually configure these games to operate with Sim Commander.

Due to Automobilista saving the shared memory setting in an encrypted file, we are unable to simplify your experience by altering this setting automatically. 

To set this manually:

  1. Click 'Options' from the main menu

  2. Select 'System'

  3. Use the arrows to set shared memory to "Project CARS 2" format.

  1. From the Forza main menu, click Settings

  2. From the Forza settings menu, click HUD and Gameplay

  3. Scroll down the settings list until you see the 'Data Out' option

  4. Set Data Out to 'ON'

  5. Set Data Out IP Address to

  6. Set Data Out IP Port to 10001

  1. Set Data Out to 'ON'

  2. Set Data Out IP Address to

  3. Set Data Out IP Port to 10001

  1. From the main menu click settings

  2. Scroll over to the System tab

  3. Set the Shared Memory setting to Project CARS 2

NOTE: Sim Commander uses shared memory, not UDP for this game so unless you have another software that needs UDP data from PCARS3, you can turn UDP Mode off to improve performance.

Game specific settings needed to operate with Sim Commander
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