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Sim Commander 4 / SimVibe

Sim Commander is the engine behind all SimXperience products. One download is all you need.

Sim Commander requires a license code for use. This can be found on the delivery order section of your order or in the comment history at the bottom of your order.

Compatible games:

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Release Notes


                                • Corrected issue with missing Sim Commander icon

                                • Now includes AccuForce Wireless Bluetooth device functionality

                                • Corrected detection of Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7 on Windows 11


                                • Adds experimental Forza Horizon 5 support

                                • Increases timeout time for wireless firmware updating to accommodate some poor performing Bluetooth adapters.

                                • Reverts attempt at non-admin rights due to needing to read/write some registry entries and access file in the Program Files folder.


                                • Adds support for Steam version of Forza Horizon 5. Microsoft Store version was already supported in version

                                • Includes 0.22 firmware update for SimXperience wireless button box to improve reliability across a broader range of games.

                                • Now detects non-standard Steam installations and games. For example, if Steam is installed somewhere other than C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam and there are steam game libraries spread across a multitude of hard drives, Sim Commander will rapidly discover these now.

                                • Adds an experimental 'Launch in VR' feature. For games that support VR, you can define on a per game basis whether you want to launch with Oculus VR, Steam VR or No VR. If you enable Oculus or Steam VR for a game, the profile on your main screen will offer a new 'Launch To VR' option. More info here: Launching Games in VR | SimXperience® Full Motion Racing Simulator Technologies


                                • Alters VR functionality for iRacing to still prompt for VR when the launch button is clicked since the new behavior caused confusion for those who didn't read the release notes.

                                • Further improves Steam game detection reliability by eliminating duplicate detection that could occur in some circumstances.

                                • Adds support for Microsoft Store version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

                                • Refines an experimental 'Launch in VR' feature. For games that support VR, you can define on a per game basis whether you want to launch with Oculus VR, Steam VR or No VR. If you enable Oculus or Steam VR for a game, the profile on your main screen will offer a new 'Launch To VR' option. More info here: Launching Games in VR | SimXperience® Full Motion Racing Simulator Technologies


                                • Adds Cloud Tuning support for Project CARS 3

                                • Adds Cloud Tuning Support for Game Stock Car

                                • Updates cloud tuning cache for all games

                                • Allows users to specify iRacing VR settings when launch button is clicked via new settings in CommanderSettings.xml file.



                                • New game record validation/warning system (more here)

                                • Single-click VR experiences for games that support it (more here)

                                • New ability to auto-switch VR audio device (more here)

                                • New ability to control speech volume (more here)

                                • Improved cloud tuning for Automobilista

                                • Minor bug fixes with reset Commander to defaults function

                                • Corrected Project CARS 2 auto-detection

                                • Corrected path issue with rFactor 1 Steam version

                                • Corrected false detection of MSFS 2020 on some systems

                                • Improved effect slider labels for G-Belt, GS-4, GS-5 and Stage Series Motion (more to come)

                                • SimVibe now attempts to recover from some games and VR utilities erroneously wiping the SimVibe sound card buffers 



                                • Fix It! button is now visible even if profile image size is set to the smallest setting

                                • rFactor 2 now launches into mirrored VR mode when user clicks 'Launch in VR'

                                • One-time introduction of new VR functionality on main screen since many users don't read release notes. This will ensure that the new VR launch option gets enabled for users that need it.



                                • Prevents game overlay from loading when user clicks 'Launch in VR' button since it can only overlay on monitors.

                                • iRacing Via Launcher plugin now honors VR mode override settings in CommanderSettings.xml file.

                                • Resolves issue with some non-default SimVibe effects causing the profile to restart.



                                • Minor improvements to game record validation and support for iRacing Alpha version


                                • No longer edits iRacing ini VR settings when VR headset is set to 'None' in Sim Commander settings GUI 

                                • No longer writes iRacing VR ini settings after game closes and 'Stay Connected' option is enabled.

                                • Improved handling of orphaned Steam library folders.

                                • New ability to reset default sound card when VR game closes. In many cases, Steam or WMR will change the default sound card to the VR headset when you launch a game but won't change it back when you close the game. This optional feature resolves the issue (by setting the default sound card back to what it was when Sim Commander started) when a game is closed.

                                • New ability to kill Windows Mixed Reality when game closes. In some cases, WMR won't reset desktop resolution correctly when a VR game is closed. It also unnecessarily burns CPU when not in use. This optional feature will close WMR when a VR game that was launched from Sim Commander is closed.

                                • Updated installer (setup.exe) that accommodates some changes on the Microsoft download website.

                                • Improved reliability of file copy to game plugin folders for American Truck Sim, Euro Truck Sim, Kart Racing Pro, rFactor 1.255, rFactor 2, X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11.

                                • Improved voice control threading to handle spurious false voice commands resulting from noisy environments.

                                • Removes dependency on Visual C++ 2010, Visual C++ 2012, Visual C++ 2013 and Visual C++ 2015

                                • Updated American Truck Sim, Euro Truck Sim, Formula Truck 2013, Kart Racing Pro, rFactor 1.255, rFactor 2, X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11 plugins to Visual C++ 2019 Runtime which is now the only runtime required for operation of Sim Commander plugins.

                                • Corrected issue with Gun metal skin background on main screen

                                • Minor bug fixes

                                • Now references single file runtime (Visual C++ 2015-2022) download to reduce download file size


                                • Correction to Microsoft Flight Simulator plugin

                                • Improvements to Launch Tasks. Tasks will no longer activate when changing iRacing sessions with the 'Stay Connected..." option selected.

                                • VR Sound card settings will no longer be applied when changing iRacing sessions with the 'Stay Connected..." option selected.

                                • Adds retry logic for SCN actuator initialization if we're unable to read the step count.

                                • Corrects bug with VR game launching for the non-Steam version of rFactor 2

                                • Corrects bug in the Run External Program launch task that caused settings changes not to be applied if the task UI is open at the time of the game launch.


                                • New 'Reset Game' feature that will remove profiles and game records for a selected game, then reset it to factory defaults. This will assist users that have made incorrect changes to their game records or moved the location of a game, etc..

                                • Corrects profile saving bug when SimVibe custom effect is used.

                                • Improved handling of AccuMotion devices when the device is not plugged in via USB but is enabled in Sim Commander.





                                • New plugins for American Truck Sim & Euro Truck Sim

                                • Corrects bug that caused a failure when loading American Truck Sim or Euro Truck Sim a second time in the same Sim Commander session.

                                • Improved Logging


                                • Continued DCS WIP Development

                                • New category of flight effects added for G-Seats

                                • Altitude and Airspeed added for dashboards

                                • Altitude and Airspeed added for conditional effect groups

                                • Support for updated SX-3000 driver that's now distributed by Windows Updates

                                • Updated cloud database cache

                                  NOTE: If you have the older SX-3000 variant of the SX motion systems and you have Windows Updates enabled and you are not receiving updates within the Sim Commander itself, you will need to manually install this version to ensure continued proper function of the SX-3000 motion system. SX-4000 motion systems produced in the last 15 years are exempt from this issue.


                                • Continued DCS WIP Development

                                • Adds auto detection of DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) OpenBeta game

                                  NOTE: Creates a default profile for flight games bases on racing profiles. You will need to remove effects that aren't applicable such as the rear traction loss effect, etc.. DCS support is experimental. Use caution. Please report bugs

                                06/30/2022 -

                                • Adds initial support for F1 22

                                06/30/2022 -

                                • Reduces digitized feel of F1 22 telemetry data


                                •  -Adds F1 22 Steam support for Steam VR

                                • Adds support for the F1 22 Origin version in addition to the existing Steam version

                                NOTE:  This version improves the launch parameters for the F1 22 Steam version. If you see a warning exclamation on your F1 22 profile, please click it and allow us to autocorrect the profile.



                                • Updates iRacing Cloud Tuning Cache

                                • Adds support for Rift to F1 22

                                • Handles new OpenXR functionality in iRacing

                                • Handles new settings file hierarchy in iRacing

                                • Adds new support for iRacing Tradeshow version

                                • Adds underlying infrastructure for simulator management via phone/tablet

                                NOTE:  If you get a firewall warning, please say YES to allow Sim Commander to communicate on the local network, otherwise future phone & tablet features will not auto-discover your simulator as expected.