What Is a Conditional Effect Group?

A conditional effect group is an effect that contains a group of effects that will only be activated when user-defined conditions are met.

What Is it For?

This effect is being developed in order to allow for more advanced aircraft profiles. For example, one may wish to have a different behavior when on the ground vs in the air.

That said, there are many creative uses for this capability because your conditions can be based on any available telemetry data item. For example, you could have a group of effects that are only active when your pit speed limiter is on and another when it is off, or you could have a different list of effects for each gear, etc..

What Devices Are Supported By This Feature?

For the initial release, the following devices will allow a conditional effect group to be added:

  • G-Belt

  • G-Seat (GS-4 and GS-5)

  • Stage Series Motion Systems

  • SX-3000 / SX-4000 DIY motion systems

How Do I Use It?

  1. Go to your profile, expand a supported device and click 'Add' to add an effect.

  2. Choose the 'Conditional Effect Group' effect from the 'Effect Containers' category.

  3. Expand the 'Conditional Effect Group' effect to see the following:

  4. Add some effects in the effect section and configure them as you like.

  5. Select the 'Conditions' tab and click 'Add Condition' .

  6. Click the '...' button and select a telemetry data item.

  7. Choose an operator from the drop down list.

  8. Enter the value of your condition.

In this example, the effects in the Effects tab will only be activated when you are in first gear:

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • Each condition has real-time status reporting. When you initially add the condition, it will report 'Unevaluated'. When you are in the game and your criteria will say either 'Passed' or Failed'.

  • You can add multiple conditions. All conditions must pass before the effect in your list become active.

  • If you define multiple effect groups and expect to transition between them, you may want to add a smoothing filter on the Conditional Effect Group effect itself to smooth the transition between effect groups. 

  • You aren't required to add any conditions. This can be useful if you simply wish to group some effects together and add a filter to them or if you wish to control the intensity of a group of effects with a single slider, etc..

Introduction to conditional effect groups in Sim Commander.

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