Sim Commander 4.5

Your Sim Commander software is undergoing some major architectural improvements. Learn how this might impact you.


For nearly 16 years, Sim Commander and Microsoft's .Net Framework have evolved together. In 2019, Microsoft released .Net Framework 4.8, the last in the series. The current version of Sim Commander, v4.3.0.0, is based on .Net Framework 4.8.

Over the last several years we've evaluated many alternative solutions but were ultimately displeased with each. In mid 2022 we found a winner with Microsoft's similarly named but entirely new .Net 6, which is a cross platform development framework. .Net 6 makes it possible for future versions of Sim Commander to span Android, iOS, Linux, IOT, Mac and Windows devices.

About Sim Commander 4.5

Sim Commander 4.5 represents the beginning of our journey to rebuild Sim Commander with all new .Net 6 underpinnings and once again reimagine what a simulator control software can be. To begin, Sim Commander 4.5 will look and function similarly to Sim Commander 4.3, but will perform 5-20% better in most areas due to the improved performance of .Net 6.

Licensing Changes

Changing the underpinnings of an application is a complex and time consuming endeavor. The company who provided the Sim Commander's licensing mechanism for the last 10 years decided against this effort and closed their business.

This presents an excellent opportunity to modernize our approach to licensing. 10 years ago, issuing a license code by email and validating it online was a modern, convenient, secure and well accepted approach. By today's standards, it's a bit cumbersome when compared to more modern login-based approaches.

Starting with Sim Commander 4.5 we will no longer be using license codes. You will simply login to Sim Commander using the same login that you use on the website. We will know what Sim Commander features you are entitled to based on your order history and any license transfer requests that resulted in a license being transferred to you due to a 3rd party sale.

It really doesn't get any easier than this. When you purchase, there is no email to wait on, no license code to type in and no license code to find each time you rebuild a PC or get a new PC, etc.. Your login serves as your license.

How To Upgrade

  1. Update to Sim Commander 4.3 using the standard in-app update mechanism at the bottom of the Sim Commander main screen by clicking the update notification.

  2. Login to Sim Commander 4.3 using your website credentials and use the same email address that you used when you purchased from us or had a license transferred to you.

    If you forgot your password, you can click the 'Forgot Password' link in Sim Commander, or the 'Reset Password' link from this website's login page. Here is a direct link:

    If you don't yet have an account on but have had a license transferred to you in the past, please create an account using the same email address that the license was transferred to. Here is a direct link:

  3. If your account has an appropriate purchase or license transfer associated with it, you will be presented the option to upgrade in the bottom-right of the Sim Commander 4.3 main screen. Simply click the 'Upgrade Now' button.


Side by Side Operation

Once you have updated you'll find both a Sim Commander 4 and a Sim Commander 4.5 shortcut on your desktop and/or Start menu. This is intentional. You are able to run both the old version or the new version (not simultaneously!) until you are comfortable and any kinks have been worked out of the new version. 

It is OK to uninstall Sim Commander 4, leaving only Sim Commander 4.5 if you like.

About License Mismatches

There may be some cases where you have a license code for Sim Commander 4.3 but your account does not reflect this. The Sim Commander will prevent an upgrade from version 4.3 to version 4.5 until your SimXperience login has a license associated with it that will not cause you a loss of functionality after the upgrade. License mismatches can happen for a variety of reasons:.

You Obtained Your License From a 3rd Party Who Didn't Officially Transfer It To You

If you didn't purchase on our website and the original purchaser didn't officially transfer the license to you using this form:, we have no way to associate you with a license. 

You Don't Have a Legally Obtained Copy Of Sim Commander

Whether intentional, or by accident, sometimes the same license code is in use on multiple PC's.

This can happen when:

  • Someone sells a piece of SimXperience hardware and forgets to uninstall Sim Commander

  • Someone sells a piece of SimXperience hardware and intentionally keeps Sim Commander for SimVibe

  • A commercial simulator builder lost track of which license codes they already issued and mistakenly issued the same code multiple times.

You Have An Older Simulator or Motion Kit

If your order was placed MANY years ago, not on this website, not on our previous website, but on the very first iteration of or by phone, we may not have a record of your license.

In this case, you have been receiving free software updates for 8-16 years. Please consider supporting our Sim Commander 4.5 development effort.

You Have Multiple Logins With Different Email Addresses

If your order or license transfer were processed using a different email address than the one you are logging in with, this can cause a license mismatch since the account you logged in as doesn't have the license(s) associated with it. Please login using the correct email address..

Licensing Options

Continue Using Sim Commander 4.3

You may continue using Sim Commander 4.3. It will not receive future updates from SimXperience and the underlying .Net Framework will not receive future updates from Microsoft. So long as Windows updates or game updates don't make breaking changes, it should continue to function as it does today.

Contact Us

If you have an order placed in recent years and you feel there has been an error, please contact us here: and let us know what products you have, where you bought them and any other relevant details that will help us to efficiently research and resolve your issue.

Help Us Develop Sim Commander 4.5

Your simulator is ever-changing. There are frequent Windows Updates and game updates. In between these moving targets sits your simulator hardware and the Sim Commander software. For the last 16 years we've responded to this dynamic environment with updates of our own to ensure that your experience is seamless.

In addition to ensuring reliability, we've also provided you with more innovation than any competing solution on the market. For example:

  • Auto-Tuning

  • Cloud Tuning

  • Customizable Dashboards

  • Heads Up Display / Game Overlay

  • Lap Recording & Analysis

  • Voice Control

and many others. These features have come at no additional cost to you. 

If you are a many year SimVibe customer or if your SimXperience product has outlasted a typical consumer electronics device and you find yourself a many year recipient of free Sim Commander updates and innovations, please consider supporting our effort by purchasing a full Sim Commander 4.5 license, suitable for use with all SimXperience devices + SimVibe for the temporarily reduced price of $89 USD.

Buy Sim Commander 4.5 License Now

Troubleshooting Logins

  1. Logins no longer use a username. They use your email address and password. This email address is the one you entered when ordering from us.

  2. Logins are case-sensitive. This includes both the email address and password. Be sure to enter the same capitalization you used when creating your account either on this website or on our old website.

  3. It's possible to have created duplicate accounts on our website using the same email address. If you login to your account and don't see an order, you might have multiple accounts. If you believe that's the case, please contact our customer support team here and let us know: Help Desk