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Any recommended maintenance procedures for a Stage 3?

Stephen Kenwood

Should I be lubricating any parts or do the traction loss glide pads or roller balls need periodic replacement?

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The actuators are designed to be maintenance free. We have some sims in operation for over 12 years now. The actuators don't seem to have increased noise with age.

The rear traction loss glide pads shouldn't really show any noteworthy grooving after many years of service either, so no maintenance to be done there.

We have seen some of the roller balls (that glide across the glide pads) get damaged and show increased noise. The cases we've seen were when a customer moved the simulator and dropped it and another case where the customer transported the simulator on a trailer and didn't strap the rear traction loss base down, allowing the simulator to bounce up and down on the roller balls, ultimately damaging them. In both cases, there was increased noise and lack of smoothness of the RTL movements.

That said, the roller balls are also pre-lubricated and shouldn't require any maintenance unless they are damaged.

Ultimately, the Stage Series is designed to be maintenance free, and while they should be extremely rare, there is always the possibility of a part failure, in which case you should open a support ticket for help verifying/addressing any issues.


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