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Starting Assetto Corsa with Content Manager

wayne whitmore

Until recently I had the game profile for Assetto Corsa point to the Content Manager exe and use Content Manger (CM) to start the game and it would attach the SC4 profile as expected. For some reason this no longer works and I get a warning to fix the settings, after that SC4 just opens the game directly. Assetto Corsa needs content manager for the best user experience so not sure what has changed but is there a work around so that I can start CM and have it attach the SC4 profile I have created under the CM profile.

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wayne whitmore

I have als a similar problem when trying to Track IR. The game is not recognised by track IR when the system path for the game ise used, and when I set the path directly to the Game it gest over written by the system.

How are others using SC4 and other connected software. SC4 has provision for starting other applications before the game but only using the file path the SC4 system wants to use.

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