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Questions regarding resurrecting my Stage 3+

Brian Brown

I've resurrected my 10 year-old or so rig (Stage 3 w/ SX3000 plus monitor lift) after too many years of not being used and have some questions.

Actuators - I don't recall the actuators ever being "silent," but they seem to "squeak," I think anyway, a lot more than I recall. Is there anything I need or can do to make them quieter?

"Bogs down" sometimes in startup calibration. On a very small number of times, when the actuators are being calibrated, they seem to struggle, bog down, or feel like they don't entirely run through their calibration (even when the seat is in a level starting position). Is there any adjustment I need to make or is this normal?

Sim Commander - The "Pitch Acceleration" and "Roll Acceleration" are both shown as On but "red" and don't appear to hold any changes. Are these not in use or is something else needed to be set?

Pedal Tray - As you pseudo-customized my system to include the monitor stand and lift, what actuators would be needed to be added to the pedal tray to also power its positioning?

Wheel mount - Is it possible to add an actuator to the wheel base to power it's positioning?

Sim Vibe - My amp, a Behringer EPQ304 clips fairly easily. Do you have any recommendations on how to reduce that? Is it better to turn up the sound card output to 100% and then dial in the amp, or would a reduced level coming out of the sound card help...or does it not really make any difference?

Cloud Tuning - Awesome feature! I remember everyone wanting something along these lines way back when! I think I read that the overall settings (smoothing and intensity) can be manually set and aren't affected by cloud tuning, but all of the underlying effects will be configured and any manual settings will be overwritten by the cloud that a correct understanding? Running iRacing on Road America, turning the final corner on to the pit straight, the pitch seems fairly minor as I've experienced coming up that hill in real life. I also seem to recall the system having a "more accurate" feel before.

Is there anyway to adjust that? Is this just part of the trade-off to cloud tuning?

Thanks for all the assistance.




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