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Welcome to our new question & answer style forum. We hope this new format will help you to rapidly find answers to common usage and configuration questions. 

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new forums

jason cooper

Honesty looks like they ever hardly get used now, no where near the chat there use to be. Honestly maybe discord would have been a better idea to add and kept old forums, ppl can ask questions get answers much quicker, maybe even chat to the devs get answers instantly.

As a AF PRO owner these new forums dont have much if any new info and all the old info is gone, making it harder to search for questions already answered and all that knowledge gone what a waste.  SAYING: Knowledge shared is knowledge gained, knowledge kept is knowledge wasted.

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Bernard Villers Jr
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 If the goal is to help users find accurate and useful answers to their questions, the last forum was an example of how to do exactly the opposite.

The problem with the internet is that anyone can post, speaking authoritatively, yet know nothing about the topic they speak of, ultimately misleading others. Our previous forum was so full of bad advice that it didn't do much more than further confuse customers that were seeking assistance/guidance.

Most people who seek answers do one of a few things now:

-Find their answer in the learning center for their product
-Find their answer in the Q&A forum for their product
-Reach out to our support team & get accurate answers in less than 24 hours.

We then update the Q&A forum and Learning Center with answers to frequent questions in an effort to reduce the amount of time we spend on support.

If the goal is getting people accurate answers, this new approach seems to be winning. I guess that might lead to fewer forum questions.

What we've lost is a place for people to gather and "shoot the sh*t" and while that can definitely be fun, it generates a large database of sh*t for people to sift through when seeking an answer. That's another area where the new forum shines.

I'll give some thought to what we could do to preserve the integrity of the info provided in the forum and the organization of it while still having a place to spitball.

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jason cooper

i have to agree with everything you said when i 1st came it was all over the place maybe that you are policing this new forum we will see more deleted sh=t & more correct info added even stuff from the old forum that was useful and correct. i wish you well with the new forum and hope it goes to your plan and does not end up like the old 1.

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