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How do I login to Sim Commander or the new website?

I can't get logged in to either the new website or Sim Commander. What can i do?

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Oscar Kohnen

Hi there,

I have fogot my user name ... where do i locate that one?


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We're in the process of updating our website. Emails are being sent to anyone who had an order on the old website inviting them to change their password and login to the new site.

If you are having trouble logging into Sim Commander, please ensure that you have Sim Commander update installed by downloading and running this file:

Please note that historical orders have been migrated to the this new website. However, orders placed in the last few weeks will be migrated and updated with accurate status within the next business day.

UPDATE: Some Microsoft operated email servers are blocking our password reset emails. We have an open support ticket with Microsoft to get this resolved. If you are not receiving our password reset emails, please open a ticket on our website, we can respond with a link to reset your password. You can also try adding to your safe senders list.

We appreciate your patience as we migrate to this new infrastructure in order to better serve you. 

Bernard Villers Jr

NOTE: If you keep up to date with your Sim Commander updates then you received version several weeks ago and there is nothing further needed for you to be able to fully utilize Sim Commander.

Darren McKenna

I haven't even fired up my "TinTop" PC in over a month. The other day I turned on my PC and SimCommander, as usual, the auto login kicked on and then the credential screen went blank. It would not turn on SimCommander, so first thing I did was go to this website but I was denied access because it said my credentials were wrong (password)

The only way to get to your website was to start a new account, well before that I did scour iRacings website and that was brand new as well, lol. So once I started a new account it was just a matter of minutes were it was discussed the new version of SimCommander.

Prior to my new account, I also tried resetting my password but when I would try to log on I'd get the wrong password error. In any event, it never surprises me at how fast you folks are at solving problems, this is something a lot of companies could learn from. Thanks again Berny to you and your company.

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