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Is there a Accuforce V3 coming?

rob crisdale

Its been a while, but with the advancement of DD wheels onto the market, can we expect a V3 version thats not a stepper motor appear soon?

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I wouldn't expect to see any new sim racing wheel bases in 2021. If you see a new wheel released this year, you can almost bet that it isn't using a quality microcontroller chip. Even the automobile manufacturers can't obtain chips right now.

I should also mention that the AccuForce doesn't use a typical stepper approach or a typical stepper motor. The motor is customized to be much smoother and the motor control approach is not stepper or servo, it's a more advanced hybrid approach that combines the best of both and isn't well understood in the market yet unfortunately.

More here: Hybrid Stepper Servo vs Traditional Stepper vs Traditional Servo | SimXperience

Paul Bongers
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I very much appreciate your detailed answer about the technology used in the Accuforce wheels (I own the v1). However I feel the technology does not match what is done in the latest competition counterparts. In detail, subtility, speed, smoothness, etc etc. Detailed reviews and comparaisons of indépendant reviewers (like Barry Roland in the simracing garage) all come to the conclusion that the AF is behind. 

I really really would like to stay with Simxperience products (I also have the GS5 and g-belt) so I'm impatiently waiting for you to come out with a V3 maybe using similar (or better) technology as the competition.

Could you please give us an idea on whether this is planned and by when? 

With that information I hope I can stretch my patience and wait for you.

Thanks a lot,



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