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Increasing telemetry rate to 360hz in iRacing app.ini makes steering super sluggish

Scott Lear Skiggity

Was playing around with some data gathering, and turned on the higher data logging rate in iRacing by setting the 

irsdkLog360Hz=0                          ; Log some telemetry at 360 Hz rather than at 60 Hz

setting to 1 instead of zero. The next race I did, (Porsche 911 GT3 at Belle Isle), the steering had a weird sluggish molasses feel, and required a lot of manual return-to-center force after a corner. It was drivable, but just strange. 

Loaded a more conventional track (Spa, Ferrari F488) and it had exactly the same sluggish feel and lack of centering on the Cloud Tune. Turned the irsdkLog360Hz back to 0 and it's normal again. Anybody know a workaround?

1 Answer
Bernard Villers Jr
Best Answer

Enabling the 360Hz option breaks Sim Commander therefore what you are feeling is what non AccuForce users get for force feedback, the regular iRacing feedback.

See this question for more about 360Hz iRacing data: 360Hz telemtry not working? | SimXperience® Full Motion Racing Simulator Technologies


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