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Does anyone use irFFB and vJoy?

Albert Jones

I thinking of trying irFFB and vJoy. Anyone have any experience with this on the AF-v2? I just want to make sure there are no issues when using Sim Commander with it, or if I shouldn't run it when using irFFB.


1 Answer
Bernard Villers Jr
Best Answer

We've tried them here. There is no benefit.


-Anything useful that iRFFB offers is already in AccuForce firmware only the AccuForce firmware does it with much less delay and much less sampling noise.

-vJoy is a shim driver, meaning it injects itself in between the game/directinput system and the actual hardware. It's just another layer that adds unneeded delay.

-iRFFB requires the 360Hz data option from iRacing which is incompatible with Sim Commander. If it were an actual 360Hz data stream, we would be all for this, but it's actually named incorrectly. All that option does is send the 5 historical data samples along with each sample we already get at 60Hz. 60 *6=360 which is how they named it, but the 5 historical samples are useless so we would only discard them. No point in moving all the extra useless data.

In short, IRFFB will only cause you issues and has no real benefit. I think it was made as more of an experiment to see what was possible. I also think that some folks who don't understand what's actually happening under the hood experienced placebo with it. I and several game developers have reviewed it thoroughly looking for any way we could improve, but found nothing.


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