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AMS2 - Laggy during online session

Christophe O.

This holidays I spent time on online gaming with AMS2.  The Wheel feel is really good in this game wiyh cloud tuning and I can keep a steady 120Hz with a I5-9700k \ GT1080Ti on a 2K resolution whitout any problem.

However I noticed  lag a jerk on display during Online session only.  I finally found it this the UDP broadcasting that cause this problem. Seems the broadcasted data give some headache to the game mixing with packet from online data server.  I set UDP to OFF and kept the Sharemem to ON and problem dissapears which make sens as Sharemem doesnt flood your ethernet network

So far it is the only game I noticed such behavior.

if you  see me online wave your hand.. my nickname is tofod_qc

hope this help someone

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Bernard Villers Jr

That's a great tip. No SimXperience devices use UDP, so it's no problem to disable that option in the game to improve performance.

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