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The SimXperience wireless button box is designed to be easy to use. Simply charge it, pair it to your PC via Bluetooth and map it in your favorite game using the standard procedure prescribed by the game developer for mapping control inputs. Before exploring the features and capabilities in this Quick Start Guide, please connect the wireless button box to your PC via Bluetooth. If you don't know how, please jump to: Bluetooth Pairing


The SimXperience wireless wheel button box features an industry leading time between charges of up to 200 hours as well as an extremely fast recharge time and the ability to operate while charging.

Charging can be achieved via a standard USB-C phone charger or via your existing AccuForce coiled cable that shipped with your AccuForce. See image above. The system is also wireless charging compatible with future AccuForce products or DIY systems via the quick release contacts.

Battery Status Via Sim Commander

1. Click the Settings gear icon from the Sim Commander main screen

2. Expand the Sim Device manager

3. Select the AccuForce Wireless device

4. Select one of your wireless button boxes

The name, firmware version, battery level and signal strength are displayed.

Battery Saver / Sleep Mode

For the sake of simplicity, anytime Sim Commander is running and the 'AccuForce Bluetooth Wireless Device'' is enabled, your wireless button box will NOT go into battery saving sleep mode. This ensures that the wireless button box is active and detected when your games are started. It also ensures that your wireless button box will NOT go into battery saver mode while in a game and inactive.

Managing Multiple Wireless Button Boxes

Having multiple wireless wheel button boxes all named SX Wireless Wheel isn't very useful. The Sim Commander will allow you to rename your wireless button boxes in real-time. To do so, follow these simple steps:

1. Click the Settings gear icon from the Sim Commander main screen

2. Expand the Sim Device manager

3. Select the AccuForce Wireless device

4. Select one of your wireless button boxes

5. Change the name to your preference

6. Click the 'Apply' button

Lights & Blink Codes

When the button box is awake, the lights will be lit.

When the button box is inactive, the lights will NOT be lit after the default timeout period.

You can wake the button box manually by holding a button or shifter paddle for 1 full second. When you start Sim Commander, it will automatically wake the button box. 

Blinking indicates either charging or no connection with the PC.

Battery Status Via Windows

The Windows Bluetooth app will show battery charge levels.

Bluetooth Pairing

1. Click the Windows Start menu and type Bluetooth:

2. Click the Bluetooth applet:

3. Click 'Add Bluetooth or Other Device': 

4. Select 'Bluetooth' from the Add a Device screen:

5. Select 'SX WBB XXX'. the XXX will correspond to the serial number sticker on the back of your wireless button box.

If SX WBB XXX does not appear, press the User button on the back of the Wireless button box for 1 second and repeat this process.

NOTE: If you renamed your button box, the name will not be 'SX WBB XXX', it will be whatever you named the device.

For more in-depth instructions for your version of Windows, please see this Windows version specific guide to Bluetooth pairing: Pair a Bluetooth device in Windows (microsoft.com)

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you change to a different Bluetooth adapter on the PC side, you must remove your Bluetooth devices from the Windows Bluetooth control panel and add it again.

  • To fully reset your wireless button box:

    • Press a paddle shifter for 1-2 seconds to wake up the button box. If a button is not currently lit or blinking, charge the button box before proceeding.

    • Remove the device from the Windows Bluetooth control panel

    • Restart the PC

    • Press the reset button on the back of the wireless wheel button box with a toothpick for 6 seconds. When you release the reset button, the buttons should blink, indicating that the button box is in pairing mode. Note: the buttons will also blink when the button box is charging.

    • Add the device using the Windows Bluetooth control panel.


      If it isn't found after 1 minute, try pressing the user button on the back of the wireless button box (don't hold - just press and release).

    • Once the device is added to Windows and showing a state of connected, Start Sim Commander.

Everything you need to know to get your wireless button box up and running.
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