Sim Commander 4.5

Sim Commander is our industry leading software solution for controlling flight simulator and racing simulator hardware. It powers all SimXperience products.

A motion simulation software engine is the heart of any motion simulator. It translates game vehicle physics into simulator movement instructions and is therefore one of the most critical pieces of the performance puzzle. The SimXperience Sim Commander 4.5 motion engine leads the way in ease of use, performance and tunability.

Manage All Your Simulation Devices

Sim Commander will control and expertly tune your AccuForce direct drive steering wheel, G-Seat, G-Belt,  Stage Series motion simulator and SimVibe tactile feedback devices. It's everything you need to achieve expert-level control of your simulation devices with little to no effort.

Industry Leading Performance

Our 64-bit parallel tasking motion engine takes full advantage of modern processor cores, consuming minimal CPU yet running at an industry leading 1000Hz, ensuring an immediate, lag-free experience.

Manage And Launch Your Simulation Games With Ease

Sim Commander will auto-detect your simulation games and configure them for use with your simulation hardware. Beginning your simulation experience is as simple as clicking to launch a game from our Netflix style main menu.

Cloud Tuning!

Gone are the days of endlessly meddling with sliders in an attempt to get an optimal driving experience for each car and track. Simply launch a 'cloud designated' profile from the Sim Commander main screen. As you change cars and tracks, we'll automatically 'cloud tune' your profile to provide an optimal AccuForce, G-Belt, G-Seat, SimVibe and Stage Series Motion Simulator experience. It's like having an engineer tune your simulator for each car/track.

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Advanced Charting & Lap Analysis

Analyze both your driving performance and your simulation equipment performance on a single screen! For example, you can analyze your devices for clipping and show it in red on a track map with just a single click. Further, you can walk moment by moment through a lap and see what your devices are doing in response to vehicle telemetry. No other motion simulator software provides the level of insight available to you in Sim Commander.

Custom Virtual Button Boxes

Create your own UI for use on any monitor, including a separate touchscreen monitor


Customizable Dashboards With Game Overlay

Custom circular gauges, bar gauges, digital readouts and real-time charts can be placed atop the game where you need them.

voice commander

Voice Commands

Fully control your motion simulator hardware by voice!

No need for a keyboard or mouse to launch games. You can also easily enable or disable devices, set device intensity levels and even configure devices by voice.

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Expert Level Tuning Features Included

Due to cloud tuning, it's not required to get a world class experience, however, engineers and experts can drill down into detailed settings.

Detailed effect settings are specified in standardized units such as G's, meters per second, degrees per second, frequency, etc..making the Sim Commander an excellent choice for both guru and novice users.

Includes SimVibe Tactile Feedback

Sim Commander includes all the features of our award winning SimVibe tactile/vibratory feedback software which provides physics driven vibrations throughout your simulator to represent things like engine, gear changes, bumps, road texture, collisions, etc..

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Well Maintained

In a world with frequent device driver updates, game updates and Windows updates, the environment your simulator lives in is ever-changing. We work hard to stay ahead of changes that may negatively impact your experience and issue updates as needed. Both software and firmware updates are automated for you with the click of a button.

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 are supported.

Sim Commander 4.5 Is Included With Qualifying SimXperience Hardware Purchases