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Strange, high amplitude harmonic with road texture

Tom Wolfendale

The question has been closed for reason: Requires Support - Please open ticket at:

Bernard Villers Jr
on 12/12/2021 02:07:31

I really want to use the road effects (ROAD TEXTURE) feature as sims like Raceroom feel very dead to me unless I'm cornering or going over kerbs...  I tried adding road texture on AC, Raceroom and RF2... it runs ok for a bit but then something feels "off". I bring the car to a stop and I can feel this odd vibration that doesn't seem to match anything the car should generate. I close the game (any game) and have nothing but Sim Commander still open, at this point there is a loud "tone"  (a sustained vibration, sometimes a "warbling" effect) , sometimes maybe even multiple tones that are phase shifting... Basically something is sending signals to my amp when it shouldn't. This doesn't seem to happen with road texture off. I've run this setup for over a year without this issue, but on an older computer. The new PC is essentially the same as the old, just newer model (Aurora R8 to an R12, all Intel and Nvidia, with Realtek audio). I didn't export all of my profiles from my old machine, so I'm creating new ones. (EDITED FOR CLARITY 11DEC21)

I just confirmed the same issue in AMS2. If I remove "road texture" the issue goes away. I did this and kept AMS2 alive while changing the profile and restarting SimCommander. Is there a list of effects that work for each SIM?  (EDITED FOR ADDITIONAL CONTENT 11DEC21)