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Sim Commander not starting up.


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Bernard Villers Jr
on 08/19/2021 18:13:32

Hi Guys.

I have not been racing much over the last 2 month, and I have never had any problems with Sim Commander not starting up when I want to go racing (iRacing), but today I started my Sim-pc and started all programs up, to make sure all was up to date, and all was fine, and Sim Commander started just like always, but my pc had a Windows update, so I took that and made a restart, and after that, I have not been able to start up Sim Commander.

I have downloaded the latest version even if I know it was up to date, but just to make sure all was right, still, all that happens when I start Com Commander is I get the splash screen with the Sim Commander logo, and after a few seconds it just shuts down, and nothing happens.

I have restarted my pc a few times, still the same.

I have made sure Windows firewall is not blocking the program also.

I'm at a loss here, and hope some of you can help me out, as driving without Sim Commander is not a great as without.