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(Updated) EA's WRC (Settings) vs. Forza Motorsport

Brent Osterstock

I have Steam's pre-release WRC working on the Accuforce Pro V2, but without being able to use telemetry and/or SimCommander4.5, I believe the new WRC is ... rather unremarkable.  Haven't played much with the in game's force feedback other than to confirm there is some.   I had no problem configuring the game for Fanatec Pedals, Project D H-shifter, etc.  However, the existing force feedback is lackluster at best.  I went rapidly through the menus and could not find a data out option for UDP ports, etc.  With that in mind, I strongly recommend folks wait to purchase this title until telemetry based force feedback is available using SimCommander4.5.

Over the next few days, I am sure I will tinker with it quite a bit and I promise to update you if I find the magic in game force feedback settings. Meanwhile, graphically, it is also stutterfest.

For those who want a comparison to FM...

Forza Motorsport's force feedback is quantum leagues above the new WRC's force feedback.  So, despite the fact that Forza Motorsport currently has the worst racing AI in the industry and a veritable encyclopedia of PC based bugs, I personally feel it is currently far superior to WRC on the Accuforce Pro V2.  I also believe this situation to be temporary as both titles will undoubtedly be patched extensively over time. 

As always, your mileage may vary...

UPDATE 10/31/23:  After running several sectors in WRC, the stutterfest issue is largely resolved.  This is apparently a shader pre-cache issue so the more you run a stage, the better things get.   Either way, cornering is much smoother without the constant stuttering.

 In my younger days, I spent literally countless hours flying across the desert in a Class 2 sandrail on sand, dirt, gravel, mud and even water.   Replicating the steering feel of tires sunk an inch into gravel or sand just isn't happening...  And, in the absence of telemetry, motion and SC4.5, there is a huge piece of the pie missing which SimXperience normally provides.  Nevertheless, I am starting to have a lot of fun with WRC.  But, I look forward to telemetry so we can get that piece of the pie back.

In the meantime, my best non-SC4.5, non-telemetry based WRC game vibration/ffb settings are currently as follows:

Self Aligning Torque: 80

Wheel Friction: 105

Tyre Friction: 75

Suspension: 84

Tyre Slip: 55

Engine: 50

Collision: 100

Soft Lock: 0

Steering Centre Force: Off

You will feel some of the canned effects with the above settings such as the popping popcorn and odd wheel slip, but without them it just feels too bland. 

As an aside, I have my Accuforce Pro V2 set to default (when not using SC4.5) to 75% intensity and 540 degrees but I will likely up the intensity slightly for this particular game.

I am sharing these settings as a STARTING POINT in order to save all of you a couple of hours of setup time.  But, I am no force feedback guru.  So, if you manage to divine what you believe are decent and/or better and/or more communicative WRC ffb settings, please take the time to share them in this thread.

Thanks in advance!

2 Answers
Brent Osterstock
Best Answer

Danyel, fair point.  These are the settings which combined with SC4.5 telemetry, transformed Forza Motorsport for me...

Set Vibration Scale to 40.
Set Force Feedback Scale to 95.
Set Steering Self Alignment to 105.
Set Mechanical Trail Scale to 135.
Set Pneumatic Trail Scale to 85.
Set Road Feel Scale to 70 (lower to taste).
Set Load Sensitivity to 60.
Set Wheel Dampening Scale to 15.
Set Center Spring to 0.
Set Dynamic Dampering to 35.
Leave Steering Sensitivity at 50.
Leave Steering Linearity at 50.

Gary Bray
Best Answer

Perhaps rather strangely, I find FM fully unplayable on my Accuforce wheel (it feels totally unpredictable and I am much faster with a controller) but I find the initial wheel settings for WRC 'acceptable'.

It just goes to show how feelings can differ between people!

Hopefully bothj games will one day have telemetry based FFB.

Brent Osterstock

Make sure you are testing force feedback on a car that handles well in that particular game. The Mazda Mx-5 starts off with very good handling. It is one of the best handling cars in the game. On the other hand, if you prefer a car that powerslides a bit, the 70 Vette ZR1 is lots of fun. I have always enjoyed Forza because I love to tune the cars to my driving style. Not all cars can be tuned to satisfaction, but most can. So, if you haven't given up on Forza Motorsport, use my numbers in game, set telemetry for SimCommander and run the game from SimCommander. With that setup, I can run a car right up to the edge of adhesion AND I can still drive it beyond the edge. The only glaring fault to me is the ambiguity in braking points (which are not relevant to the Accuforce wheel).

Danyel Grenzer

The FFB is just horrible on default and more than a dozen slider to tweak it. Especially the deadzones, dampening and spring-effect must be off/low. There are decent FFB-guides by OverTake_gg and Dan Suzuki to get a proper base-setup.

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