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Stop SC auto-config game telemetry port


I use simhub to forward telemetry to all my devices. I also use sim commander whose incoming port is fixed at 10001.  

SC’s fixed port is fine with me. It should be simple, just set simhub to forward to port 10001, right?

However, sim commander appears to be changing the in-game telemetry port every time you launch the game, which bypasses simhub and messing everything else up!  Specifically, SC repeatedly changes the in-game port from my setting of 20777 to 10001. [For reference, I have all my games configured to send telemetry data to 20777 (which is received by simhub, and then forwarded on to all my devices).]

Is there a way to configure sim commander game records so that it does not change in-game telemetry ports?

Note I am playing F1 2021.

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We use a fixed port of 10001 and automatically set the game to that when possible to simplify things for end users.

If you are using a 3rd part app that you also want to give this data to, the suggested approach is to leave the current process in tact and have Sim Commander forward the data to your 3rd part app on whatever port it wants it on. 

You can learn more about this here: Compatibility With Other Hardware & Software | SimXperience® Full Motion Racing Simulator Technologies

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Thanks but the question was how to stop auto configuration. I don’t use sim commander for every single game, and I am fine with sim commander’s fixed port of 10001. I just need a way to alter or stop the auto-configure. Can you please advise

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