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Simxperience And American Truck Simulator

Kyle Pendygraft

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Bernard Villers Jr
on 08/17/2021 12:07:26

Hello i purchased the AccuForce V2 about 9 months ago. I use the simxperiance software. Well I recently have started playing American Truck Simulator "again". Well I had a range-Splitter shifter knob back before i bought my DD wheel. and never had any issues with the shifter syncing up and working with ATS. Well Now that i have the Simxperiance software and the AccuForce V2 wheel, I started having issues syncing the shift knob to ATS. So I threw out the shift knob and  bought a new one thinking the shift knob was the issue that the Arduino board went bad. well thats not the case. The shift knob still doesnt work with ATS. I've uninstalled ATS, and reinstalled it and the issues still there. Now its gotten to the point that even my Thrustmaster TH8 Shifter isnt syncing with ATS when i try to Remap the inputs. ATS will show the Simxperiance software, Thrustmaster TH8 Shifter Fanatec Pro V3 pedals, and the Simvertex TH13 shift knob. So I know its finding all the hardware. I feel the Simxperiance software is causing an issue with the inputs. Like i said i never had this issue until I got my Accuforce V2 wheel and simxperiance Software. If there is a simple fix and i cant figure it out please let me know.