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Simcommander / gbelt / profile creation

ponsdesserre David

Dear all

i received my gbelt over the weekend and started to try fine tuning my simcimmander profiles.

i have a motion simulator using simrigv2 as well.

i went and hit the auto discover button and the software create two profiles per game :

- 1 « universal » profile

- 1 « blank » profile


- is the universal profile using the « cloud tuning »  feature ? And if yes is it correct to say this profile can be use as it is without any other fine tuning ?

- what is the other profile doing ? Is just there to be fine tuned in the end ? 

- what is the the recommanded way of creating profile ? Creating a profile « from scratch » using the cloud tuning feature ?

- i also tried to create profile based on my telemetry lab but it is not clear what is the telemetry reading doing in the profile creation itself ….




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