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SC4.5 appears to be cause of stuttering, CPU >99% in ACC


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Bernard Villers Jr
on 05/28/2023 13:14:06

Hi all - I looked for a previous Q&A on this and couldn't find it. Has anyone else found or solved what appears to be SC4.5 causing stuttering and FPS drops in-game (for me, in ACC)? With SC4.5 closed altogether, ACC is silky smooth, no stuttering/frame drops/low FPS spikes. With it running, it's pretty bad. Average FPS is ok but lots of stuttering and occasional low FPS spikes. 

At the same time, I'm getting the >99% CPU warning pop up in-game in ACC. That would seem the obvious problem & solution, but I'm not actually maxing out any logical cores when you go into the detail monitoring and overall CPU usage is ~20%. System is a 4090, 7950x3D and 64gb DDR5 6000. 

I found some old threads for the original AC saying that this was related to a wheel data update rate and that you needed to lower that to fix it. That's the only hint I've found. 

Welcome any ideas!