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Richard Burns plugin does not work properly

Uwe Friedrich

The question has been closed for reason: Requires Support - Please open ticket at:

Bernard Villers Jr
on 01/05/2022 02:10:58

Hello community,

I made a new installation of RBR (from a few days ago and wanted to tune the motion profile. In principle it works, but some important effects are missing completely. "Cornering" shows no effect at all, not even at an intensity of 400%. "Continuous acceleration and braking" does show an effect, but rather diffuse and sometimes with erratic movements that I would almost expect a damage, so violent. It does move, but all very unspecific and inappropriate what you would expect.

Are there any special settings to consider with RBR, in the game you can enable UDP on - does that have to go in as a parameter somewhere? Or would someone have a profile that could be adopted?

Thanks a lot for the help.

Also a happy new year from me to everyone.