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Not launching games via Sim Commander?


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Bernard Villers Jr
on 05/08/2023 09:02:14
          I would like to avoid having to launch every game through the Sim Commander app as it creates a couple bunch of obstacles and makes for a lesser UX.

          - It does not allow for shortcuts to games: desktop, taskbar, start menu
          - Elgato Stream Deck shortcuts do not work.
          - Can not start games via Steam.
          - Can not start AC via Content Manager.
          - Adds more clutter to an already app heavy sim setup.

          These are all things I have been actively working on to simplify to make the UX on my setup easier and less of a headache. Less clutter, less visible apps, less clicks and less visual noise makes for a better user experience. Having Sim Commander optional or tabbed is completely fine btw.

          My questions is:
          - Is there a way to have Sim Commander auto detect the game and run in the background like SimHub?
          - Start Sim Commander and game via a command line prompt or a batch file?
          - Any other options to not be forced to launch a game via Sim Commander?