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Need Accuforce V2 iRacing FFB/Setup Help!

Randy Flowers

Hey Yall

I just joined iRacing yesterday and am looking for the FFB and Accuforce gurus/users out there to help me dial my FFB settings (both in game and in Sim Commander 4) properly.

I was able to get decent FFB yesterday when first setting up and adding a SimCommander4 profile for iRacing. However, really wanting to lean on others that have this already figured out and want to get it really right as I plan on iRacing a lot going forward.

Also, should i consider also using whatever this 'iRFFB' that i keep seeing others mention.

I am planning on driving 90% open wheel road cars (formula cars) and want the FFB to be as good as i can make it.


Randy Flowers

2 Answers
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The best is to use cloud tuning. You may manually fiddle with settings and think that you did better than cloud tuning, but you'll inevitably encounter a driving scenario that your manual tune feels wrong in but cloud tune handles correctly. There is no way to take into account more scenarios than cloud tune does. You can learn more about it here. If you're short on time, just skip to the 'How To' section at the end: What Does Cloud Tuning Do?

With regard to iRFFB, I would avoid it. It tries to do in software what the AccuForce does in hardware, but at the expense of CPU utilization. SInce you have an AF, there is no need to burn the extra CPU for a less accurate result than we provide in firmware. Also, irFFB can cause compatibility issues. It is a nice idea for less advanced wheels.

Randy Flowers
Best Answer

Hey Bernard

OK, thanks for the advice on iRFFB, will not add it

I am still confused (even after reading the 'what does cloud tuning do?') about cloud tuning.  I know how to implement it and the woman says 'car and track found' when i start up in iRacing, so it is working.  However, not sure what exactly it is changing if it is not changing the 'intensity'. 
So, some questions:

1)  Is it changing all the deeper settings for each different effect?  I never touch any of those deeper settings, I just add the effects and adjust the intensity of each effect.

2) That 'what does cloud tuning do?' link shows that the Accuforce V2 cloud tuning supports:

a) engine vibration
b) front suspension bumps
c) game force feedback
d) road bumps
e) steering foundation

However, most of those are not what the actual possible effects are in Sim Commander 4.  For example, 'front suspension bumps' doesn't exist.  'Engine vibrations must now be 'engine RPM', etc. 

3) The effects I use for iRacing are:

Game force feedback = 95% intensity
Game force feedback smoothing = 5% intensity
Stationary ocsillation control = 100% intensity
Engine RPM = 50% intensity
Road Bumps = 300% intensity

Do those settings look good for iRacing settings? 
Should i be using any others? 
How do my intensities look for iRacing?
I assume that the cloud tuning tunes the deeper settings under each of the above effects?

4)  I have the in game iRacing FFB settings as follows:

Use linear mode = on
Strength = 7
Wheel force = 13nm
Damping = 5%
Min force = 0%

Do those iRacing game settings look good and will they work well with the above sim commander 4 effects/intensities?



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