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Launching iRacing UI from Sim Commander

Michael Ross

The question has been closed for reason: Duplicate post

Bernard Villers Jr
on 03/13/2024 00:06:42

The UI, aside from being abysmally slow last night, has other issues I'm not sure about. For instance, I can launch the UI straight from my Sim Commander software that runs the wheel and shakers, which work, but once the race session loads I have no FFB or shakers. I have to Alt+Enter out, close the Sim Commander profile, then re-open it once the race (or practice) session starts and then it's fine. 

That was a copy/paste from the iRacing forum. Unsure if it's their UI problems or the UI overhaul broke something in the interface between Sim Commander and iRacing. Everything does work, but if I launch iRacing from my Cloud Road Profile like normal, it won't actually load the profile even if it does manage to launch the sim unless I tab back out as stated above.