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Is it Possible to Build Custom Effects?

I looked around the docs and SC software and it wasn't apparent if I could actually create my own effects as opposed to just ordering or intensifying the existing ones.   Is this something that can be done inside sim commander or added via user code somewhere?   

My specific example was that I wanted to play around with angular velocity / roll to see if I could create a more specific "kerb" effect for the bottom panels in my GS-5 above just the built in "bumps" or "road surface" effect.  But I didn't see any obvious way of going from raw telemetry data to an effect envelope. 

Another example would be for rock crawling in, it'd be nice to have some continuous pressures implemented for being off-angle to gravity, even at slow speeds.

Thanks for the help!


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There is a UI for making custom SimVibe effects derived from raw telemetry data but nothing that allows injection of custom code currently.

This was never extended to motion devices.

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Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify my understanding: There exists a UI to author events but it does not work for motion devices?

I wasn't sure what "This" is in reference to in your second sentence.

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