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Iracing Launcher Profile isn't showing on Sim Experience Home Screen

Kelsy Rogers

Hello all, 

I recently reset and deleted my profiles. When I went to auto discover the profiles again I got everyone of them back except for the Iracing UI. When I go to the Sim Commander settings I can see the Iracing Launcher game has been found and the exe path to the UI is correct. However, It does not show up on Sim Commander home screen as either a universal or cloud tuned profile even after auto searching again. I have followed the instruction video on the website for profiles not found by auto search and have had no luck. Any Tips?

1 Answer
Bernard Villers Jr
Best Answer

It's intentional that only iRacing via Website exists on the main screen now to prevent confusion.

However, if iRacing is installed in the default location on the C: drive, Sim Commander made two game records for you. One to launch via the website and another to launch via the launcher UI. You can easily choose which you want Sim Commander to use.

Note: Common user to user advice would suggest that you should use iRacing via website in Sim Commander, but then on the website, tell iRacing to present the UI. This is bad advice and can lead to other problems. That advice is essentially tricking Sim Commander into thinking you are launching a different way than you actually are.

The best method is to either use our default launching of iRacing via website, OR if you really want to use their launcher UI, tell Sim Commander that like so: