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Conditional Effect Groups and DCS

I'm interested in setting up conditional effect groups for my DCS profile, however it doesn't seem possible at the moment and I'm looking for guidance.

I want to limit things like road texture and road bumps to the case where the radar altimeter is zero (or say less than some value). Having checked the export lua it seems like 'radalt' is an exported parameter as far as telemetry is concerned, however when I create a conditional effect group, add a condition, and click the ... button to set the condition, no options are exposed to me. Neither can I manually type anything in the condition box itself.

Is this still a work in progress, or am I missing something?  TIA

Randall Stephens

did you ever find a way to get conditions working?
i having the some issues and based on its a year since you posted and still i'm having the same results as your post...make me feel SimX team is not working on this

I don't think they are working on it tbh. I've seen zero movement on these things for over a year. I know they've had setbacks and maybe don't have the manpower.

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Advanced flight related features are still very much work in progress. At present, radar altimiter is not a monitored telemetry field for use in conditional effects.

Please feel free to submit a feature request: SimXperience Support | Contact Us


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