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Cannot Enable Overlay

Peter Vink

Hi Sim guys,

What is the reason for this?

Cannot Enable overlay Because Window Handle is 0?

Do I have to change something in the settings?

I am waiting for your response.

Peter Vink.

1 Answer
Bernard Villers Jr
Best Answer

Assuming that you are running the latest version of Sim Commander, this message likely indicates a user configuration error that we have no ability to detect or automatically correct for you.

More specifically, it can arise from enabling the in-game on screen display and not following the instructions provided after doing so.

We do our best to set the game to full resolution and windowed mode for you when possible and we make sure that no one can try to use the overlay that's intended for screens while in VR, but there is no way to ensure that the user doesn't set the game video configuration differently later which would cause this error. Also, some games encrypt their settings files and prevent us from setting the video settings for you so it's important to follow the guidance provided when enabling the option.

The error is basically saying that the Sim Commander is trying to find the game window in order to overlay it and cannot.

There are two solutions to this:

-Set the game video settings to windowed mode and make sure it takes up the whole screen


-Disable the in game on screen display option in your profile

If you have done these and still have an error, you may have an unusual video configuration issue that requires support. Our support team can be reached here:


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