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Wheel wont calibrate, acts like its not plugged in

Brent Parker

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Bernard Villers Jr
on 12/21/2021 19:58:39

Hi guys, running an accuforce v2 here. 

I just got a new PC, plug everything in, transfer license over etc. 

I launch sim commander and when I launch iracing the first problem I had was it kept saying validating output mix and hardware: one or more output devices cannot be found (accuforce steering wheel).  

After about a dozen attempts, resets etc. it finally let me past that point, I was like oh great its finally recognizing the wheel.  So I go into iracing calibration wizard and turn the wheel, and theres nothing.  It doesnt acknowledge that the wheel is turning at all.  The wheel spins on power up, the paddles, and other buttons on the wheel all worked fine to calibrate various things, but the wheel itself, does not detect any rotation.  

Any suggestions?   Im stumped.