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Sim Commander stopped starting Assetto Corsa (via Content Mgr)


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Bernard Villers Jr
on 02/01/2022 17:53:40

Had no problem starting and running AC via Sim Commander (thru Content Mgr) - until I downloaded SOL.  Initially it worked fine, but 24 hours later, Sim Commander (SC) is stuck on "waiting for game to start."  SC still opens AC via Content Manager, but the Accuforce wheel isn't connected to SC. 

I also now get "Fix It" messages for AC every time I open Sim Commander. And SC doesn't retain the correct Game Exe setting ("Content Manager" vs "Steam") or the proper Parameter setting (-applaunch -silent).  Despite resetting both, AC still says "waiting for game to start."  I've also verified the integrity of the game files via Steam.

Any idea how I can get AC working via SC & CM again?  Thanks