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GS-5 back panels collapsing

Michael Gerlica

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Bernard Villers Jr
on 09/07/2021 10:59:24

It's not often, but every now and on a spirited drive on a road course (usually while threshold braking in an Indycar!) I will feel one or the other of the back panels collapse with a bit of a groaning noise.  Now it does come right back as soon as the corner is over with no indication that there is any alignment or calibration issue afterward, so I suspect that I'm just pressing back into the seat hard enough to overcome the motor torque as opposed to slipping the motor shaft or something.  On the off chance, however, that this is something that you've seen before which may presage a bigger problem, I though checking in may not be a bad idea.

Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the GS-5 and I do talk it up amongst my iRacing  league-mates when I have the chance so hopefully you have or will see another couple of units sold over time.  The feeling combined with my Accuforce V1 is spectacular and really adds a lot to the experience.  I'm so glad I splurged on myself a little, for once!  :)

And, as long as I'm asking questions, I wanted to check on the availability of a replacement seat cover.  I'm pretty anal about making sure I've set something in the seat to discourage the wife's cat from getting up there and scratching things to oblivion, but I will forget one day and she'll make sure I pay for it.  Is that something I will be able to get from you guys when that day arrives, or is this a standard Kirkey issue cover that would be better sourced from them?

Thanks all, and keep up the good work!

Mike Gerlica