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Profiles not saving on Home screen?

Keith Windsor

The question has been closed for reason: Requires Support - Please open ticket at:

Bernard Villers Jr
on 01/04/2024 00:20:48

Hi, can anyone please shed some light on why my profiles are not saving?

I am using Simvibe (motionless only).

I start SimCommander (launch as admin)

I create a profile from scratch, currently testing with just one soundcard for front under-pedal vibes.

Automobilista then runs fine, with vibes as expected.

But when I exit, the next time I launch SimCommander, the home screen is empty and I have to create a profile from scratch again.

Also, if I export the profile, it will not import - I get an error message -

'Import Error

There is an error in XML document (17,6).'

Any advice is appreciated.