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I no longer have access to my email, what can I do?

I lost access to the email address I use on, what can I do to gain access to my SimXperience account.

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The short answer is nothing. You will need to regain access to the email account you use with SimXperience, then you can use it to change your email address to another email address.

Here's why:

Your email address uniquely identifies you on our website. The combination of an email address, password and optional authenticator app code are what we use to both identify you and protect your personal data.

We are required by law to protect both your personal data and any credit card or payment data that you have stored in your account.

If you contact us from an email other than the email address on your account, we cannot discuss that account with you. For example, if your account is and you contact us from to discuss the account, we cannot help you. Anyone could create the second email address and attempt to gain access to your stored credit card info and other personal data.

We also cannot accept a Sim Commander license code or old email receipt as proof of who you are. Just because someone has access to your license code doesn't mean that they should have access to your personal and credit card data. It's also easy to fake an emailed receipt.

The good news is that all of the major email providers provide mechanisms for you to regain access to an email account that you forgot the password to. You will likely also find that former employers will keep your email account active for quite some time after you leave and will also archive your mail by law in many cases. If you ask nicely, they may help you.

In order to change your email address on, you can login to your SimXperience account and change the email yourself. You can also email us from the email address used on your SimXperience account and tell us what new email address you would like to use. We will then send a confirmation email and change the email address for you.

Thank you for your understanding as we do our best to responsibly protect your personal and financial information.


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