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Forza Horizon 5 SC4 + In game settings? Help a noob!

Joe Ferrari

Hey all, I'm just wondering if any of you more seasoned vets would be interested in sharing your settings all around for your wheels in FH5. I don't have a ton of experience with my AFv2 in "real" sim games, so I don't have a lot to go on when making tuning changes to try to get the best experience possible out of this simcade game. 

Do you guys use game ffb, foundation ffb, a blend of both? What else have you changed within SC4 and the ingame settings to get the game feeling as good as it can? 

I find that the FFB force seems incredibly high for most cars in game compared to when I'm driving in something like AMS2 where I don't get that high level of force unless I'm in something with a ton of grip. 

Ultimately just looking to get my settings to a good base point before I go and get used to the game with it setup "wrong" and end up having to unlearn bad habits. 

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

2 Answers
Brent Osterstock
Best Answer

You'll want to modify these settings to suit your own taste, but I just posted them in another thread...  In FH5, go to settings>controls>wheel. Under "Custom Profile 1", save your steering axis, brakes, h-shifter or sequential shifter, clutch, handbrake, etc. You must also save a few things for activating ANNA etc. Then, go to advanced control, set vibration on, set deadzones to 0/100 for steering, throttle, brakes, etc. Set deadzone for e-brake at about 20/100. Leave game defaults for force feedback scale, etc. Under HUD and GAMEPLAY, set DATA OUT to ON. Set Data OUT IP to Set Data OUT port to 10001. Exit game. Now, go to SC4: Launch game using SC4. Within SC4, my settings are Game Force Feedback OFF (Red circle around toggle switch), Game Force Feedback Smoothing OFF, Damping, Friction and Inertia at 1.18. Stationary Oscillation Control 100, Oscillation Control 100, Engine RPM 12.62, Steering Force Feedback Foundation 100, and Road Bumps 5. Under Device settings, I normally use about 650 degrees rotation but occasionally swap up to 900 degrees or down to 300 degrees for things like drifting. Set your intensity at whatever feels best. For me it is at about 60. If you have additional, non SC4, motion peripherals, then you can use SC4 to forward to a different Port operating those peripheral(s).

I personally suggest that in FH5, you opt for Simulation Steering, set ABS to OFF, Stability Control to OFF, Traction Control to OFF, and (assuming you have an h-shifter) that you set Shifting to Manual w/clutch.  And, NEVER ever expect a stock tune to drive like the real thing.  Finally, remember that a lot of the downloaded tunes rely on ABS, Stability Control, Traction Control and other built in controller helpers.  As a steering wheel user, you'll wanna be picky about the tunes you use.  Feel free to try mine.  I have only shared about 10 tunes but I have many more that we keep within the discord server to run against each other, or to set records.

In FH5, I am using the Accuforce Pro V2, Fanatec Clubsport Pedals v3, Fanatec Handbrake, Thrustmaster TH8a H-shifter, and a Next Level Racing Platform V2.  I already have over 20,000 miles driven in game (mostly tuning cars for myself and friends on Goliath and more recently running Rivals).  I am enjoying it immensely and I "blame" SimXperience and Mr. Villers for all of it!  TY again Mr. Villers!

Finally, feel free to add me in game:  FWYFLYER.  Likewise, you can private message me for our discord server.  This is an arcade racer so we don't expect perfect driving.  We just enjoy the banter and the friendly competition. 

Joe Ferrari

I can't thank you enough for this reply, super super helpful.

"This is an arcade racer so we don't expect perfect driving. We just enjoy the banter and the friendly competition" - You could not have said that any better! My feelings are the exact same. I don't expect perfection in the slightest, just looking to get the best possible experience I can as I'm having a great time overall with the game.

I am using pretty much the exact same setup, minuts the shifter and handbrake as I haven't made up my mind on what to buy on that front yet.

I will absolutely hit you up in game/Discord as I'd love to talk more/try some of your tunes to get an idea of what I should be doing when trying to tune myself, as that's my ultimate goal.

What is your discord handle? mine is Illestrolla#4956

Brent Osterstock


Dave Loewen

Beautiful…thank you!

Brent Osterstock

I have since updated my settings to allow for drifting, etc....

I'll start with Sim Commander 5 settings:

Under Output Mixer, pressing the expansion carrot next to the On/Off switch for Accuforce Steering wheel, Device Settings tab, set Degrees of Rotation to 540

Under OUtput Mixer, I set smoothing to 16 and intenstiy to 60%

Under Output Mixer, pressing the expansion carrot next to the On/Off switch for Accuforce Steering Wheel, Effects tab, I set:

Game Force Feedback Off (Switch displays red)

Game Force Feedback Smoothing Off (Switch displays red)

Damepening 1.18 %

Friction 1.18 &

Inertia 1.18%

Stationary Oscillation Control 100%

Oscillation Control 100%

Engine RPM 12.62%

Steering Feedback Foundation 100%

Road Bumps 5%

Accuforce Spring Off (Switch displays red)

Now, moving on to the game itself. In Forza Horizon 5, I do the following:

HUD settings:

Camera View DRIVER

Cockpit Drift Camera OFF

Cockpit Drift Camera Sensitivity 100

Cockpit Drift Camera Look Speed 100

Cockpit Drift Camera Range 100

Data Out ON

Date Out IP Address

Data Out IP Port 10001

DIFFICULTY settings:

Braking Anti-Lock On

Steering Simulation

Traction Control OFF

Stability Control OFF


Motion Blur OFF


Steering Axis Deadzone Inside 0

Steering Axis Deadzone Outside 100

Steering Linearity 50

[Set Brake, Throttle, Clutch, E-Brake to whatever you like - I suggest a 20% deadzone on ebrake if you are using an analog e-brake.]

Finally, make sure you start Forza Horizon 5 from the appropriate Sim Commander widget/tile and not from Windows or Steam directly.

Michael Frnka
Best Answer

There appears to be a bug in the controller input wheel setup in FH5.  When I first select the wheel tab in the controller input screen, nothing happens and no assignments can be selected or made.  I have to click out to the keyboard tab, select don't save and continue, then click back on the wheel tab and it will create "Profile 1" and show all inputs are unassigned.  You can then go through the usual assignment process.

It also appears FH5 will only detect up to 3, the first 3, USB devices.  I have several button boxes, wheel, shifter, pedals.  The device ordering in Windows 10 is a royal pain to manage.  I had to unplug the button boxes and then can map anything from device1, device2 or device3 as listed in the joy.cpl Game Controllers list.

I left the standard SC4 game force feedback and game force smoothing enable.  Turned on both oscillation items to 100%.  No steering foundation.  I turned down offroad effects in FH5 to 0.5 and everything is working well. 

Tons of low-key fun!  


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