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F1 2021 - Error at launch

Ragnar Simulator


I seem to have a problem using SimXperience with Seat and Rear Traction Loss with F1 2021. The AccuForce steering wheel is working, but Motion platform is not working in the game. Only moves tiny bit at launch. I checked if firewall is opened for public and private network. The standard Telemetry setting on port 10001 doesn't work.

I managed to run a SimHub Dash on port 20777 though.

What may be the problem causing this is the error I get on the startup of F1 2021. "GamePluginInterface" error with content of "Out Error: Index was outside the bounds of the array." But I have no idea where it may come from.

Any ideas?


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That error indicates that we are receiving a different amount off telemetry data than we expect.

If you launch the game from Sim Commander, we will automatically set the F1 2021 setting to output in the 2020 format on port 10001 with broadcast mode disabled. As a result we will receive the correct amount of data UNLESS you have something else on your system that is writing data to port 10001. We've been using this port for about 15 years because nothing else does, but I have recently heard of something else starting to use it, so that's your most likely cause.

It's best to open a support ticket for this sort of thing because we would be able to go back and forth to troubleshoot further.

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Andrea Bertoli

I had the same problem with basically all releases of F1 series. I contacted support team but they replied that I was the only one getting this error and it was probably caused by the language version of my copy of f1 that was different from English version so I should give up. Now I see other people having this issue. Did you find any solution?

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