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Dimensions for scratch-built cockpit

William Klauss

Five years ago I built a sim from scratch using a 3DOF - 100mm SCN5 Motion Starter Kit and  Actuator Mounting & Dampening Kits. I arrived at the locations for the actuators mostly by examining the photos of ready-made models and trial and error. After using it for a couple of years, I had to sell it and unfortunately I did not keep the records of my build.

Now I’m ready to build another one. Rather than go through the trial and error process again, can anyone provide some dimensions?

1. Width between actuators

2. Distance from U-joint to a line between the actuators

3. Angle of the actuators to the seat attachment with the actuator at half extension OR the height of the actuator seat attachment point vertically from the plane of the lower attachment point.

I would like to open up some discussion with other scratch-builders, see any helpful pictures of sims that have been scratch-built and read experiences in building.

Joshua Nessel

I built a DIY a number of years ago myself, but I utilized the universal kit which inherently takes care of #1 and #3. It's worth it IMO. However, for the super hardcore builder the dimensions are this.

1. 28" horizontally (the lower bar length in the uni kit); 8" horizontally (upper bar length)

2. 27.5" (this is actually in documentation)

3. 30" (height from lower attachment plane

chris robinson

I desiged and built a simulator using the simx motion system that is very much outside the norm. I would be willing to share information about it if there were a way to do so without using the simx forum. Should be noted that the odds of anyone trying to duplicate this design is very limited due to the complexity of the design and build. But if your curious and want to try sharing information using email or something let me know.

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