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What belt/harness should I use with the G-Belt?

What racing harness / belts should I use with the G-Belt.

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Almost any 2-inch or 3-inch racing harness with shoulder belts will work with the G-Belt.

A 5-point harness, with or without the lap belts is suggested. See illustration.

We also suggest obtaining a harness that has springs on the shoulder belt adjustments. These help to prevent the shoulder straps from loosening as you drive. See illustration below:

2" belts will feel more intense than 3" belts. This is because the 3" belts spread the pressure applied by the G-Belt motors over a greater surface area. If you don't have a size preference, we suggest 2" belts, because you can always reduce the G-Belt intensity in software settings if you find it too strong.

Here are some 2"' belts/harnesses/restraints available at Summit Racing:




Here are some budget belts/harnesses/restraints available at Amazon:



Mark Kovalcson
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I'd highly recommend this belt because the anchors can be easily removed making it very easy to run the shoulder harness through the G-Belt without damaging the belt. 


I've recommended it to a number of other G-Belt users and they have all been very happy with it.