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Flight Simulator Tuning Profiles

corey helferich

The question has been closed for reason: Requires Support - Please open ticket at: https://www.SimXperience.com/helpdesk

Bernard Villers Jr
on 05/23/2024 12:30:37

I have my new G-Belt working on racing titles, now I’m trying to get it set it up for flight sims.

I’ve looked through all of the documentation on the simxperience site, but haven’t been able to find any guidance for flying.

The built-in profile for DCS is using standard (car) effects, not the flight effects.  Is this by design?

I'm trying to get basic effects working for flight, as the default profile doesn't seem to work properly.

For example, when using the default DCS profile, when I bank to the right, I feel both belts tightening.  I would expect just the outside belt to tighten, just like it does in Assetto Corsa.  When I bank to the left, there is no tightening of either belt.

When I pull back on the stick, I would expect to feel G forces and the tightening of the belts, but there is no tightening.  When I push the stick forward to dive, this should result in negative Gs, and a loosening of the belts, but both belts tighten.

Can anyone help?