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SC4 Not Loading Profile Settings In AMS2

Andrew Thompson

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Bernard Villers Jr
on 01/23/2022 19:48:38

In AMS2 specifically, the SC4 is not loading my profile (settings within output mixer).

I have the base settings (Sim Device Manager > Accuforce > General > Intensity %) set low at 20% so that my kids can play other games easily and they don't load up SC4, which works fine.

But it's this in itself that allows me to understand that my AMS2 profile just isn't loading. I've tried deleting the AMS2 buttons on the Home Screen and carried out Auto Discover which brings back the tabs. Then set up the profile fresh, with 90% intensity etc. SC4 launches the game fine but it runs at 20% intensity and roational settings from the base controller settings.

For a test, I've increased the settings in the Sim Device Manager up to 90% and the FFB is then strong in game.

This only appears to be affecting AMS2. AC/iR/rF2 are all working from their repsective profiles OK.

Any ideas or help appreciated.