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Iracing Sim Commander 4 Crashing.


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Bernard Villers Jr
on 09/04/2022 17:34:33

Hi Guys, 

Picked up an accuforce v2 a couple of weeks ago and loving it when it works but Sim Commander 4 keeps crashing on me while playing iracing, there seems to be no common cause. Sometimes it will work fine for 30mins sometimes it will crash in the first few laps of a race leaving me with next to no force feedback (there is extremely vague force feedback I believe the game default force feedback) and sim commander is left unresponsive and I have to kill it from task manager or wait for Windows to realise it's unresponsive and kill it that way once I click back onto sim commander. 

I'm launching the iracing UI through sim commander 4 and using the cloud ffb settings with tweaked intensity for my liking and playing in VR with a reverb G2. 

Hoping someone has experienced something similar and can point me in the right direction for a fix as I love the wheel but this is making it super painful to enioy. Especially when it dies 3mins into an enduro stint!