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HELP Button Box DEAD!

Kyle Pendygraft

The question has been closed for reason: Duplicate post

Bernard Villers Jr
on 01/28/2022 12:17:06

So in the last 24 hours I have encountered an issues with my Accuforce V2 bheel/ button box. The problem is the buttons and paddle shifters are unresponsive. No matter what button I push I am not getting any kind of input from them. If I turn the baseoff and back on it only does half calibration spins unless i close out simcommander 4 then it will do a full calibration. But if I restart my PC and then turn the base on and let it calibrate the base. and jump into iracing and then the button box will respond to all inputs. But once I leave the track and go into the replay mode on iracing and then go back out on the track all of the button box inputs are unresponsive again and the base loses all force feedback and turns into an old arcade style feel. Please help as I am completely lost on how to resolve this.