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Assetto Corsa random loss of feedback and wheel center


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Bernard Villers Jr
on 08/18/2022 15:20:05

I have an AF V2 that was delivered to me in February 2021. 

The only thing that has changed recently is I went from a 300mm wheel to a 280mm wheel.

Both wheels are/were bolted directly to the wheel hub(no spacer or QR)

My settings in Sim Commander are only using simple settings saved to wheel controller and have stayed the same. In Assetto Corsa everything remained the same except when I changed from 300 to 280 I reduced the gain from 52% to 50%.

At the moment my issue is only happening in GT cars (GT2/GT3) and not in Formula 1 cars (or it just has not occurred yet. It happens on any track.

After several laps of acting normal, all of a sudden the wheel "skips" and "center" is now 25* off center to the left (and its always to the left and always 25* offset).

When this happens all force feedback is GONE. Turning the wheel still controls the car, but between the center being completely off and the lack of any and all force feedback it is impossible to drive and my race is over. Really sucks when you are in the lead! This has made the wheel unreliable and if it continues I will be forced to replace it which I do no want to do as I prefer it to SIMUCUBE and everything else I have tried.

In order to fix this issue I AC, open sim commander, go into settings and sim device manager and do the "Reset and recalibrate" option.

If it helps to troubleshoot:

Running Windows 10

Using Content Manager with these settings:

FFB gain set to 50%

Wheel rotation set to 900*

Everything else is default or zero

In Assetto Corsa the specific car FFB is set to 100%

My SimCommander settings that are saved to controller:

Mode: High

Intensity 100%

Smoothing 1.6%

Degrees of Rotation 720*

Stop spring 6.3%

Stop Damager 1.6%

Everything else 0% 

Sim Commander is not open/running while I am driving in AC nor are there any settings configured in the output mixer etc.

I don't feel the wheel could be overloaded because the gain in AC is set to 50% so I believe I am only using half of the available torque. I feel like this is a telemetry bug or issue. 

Also if it matters I am running D-Box Gen 3 4250i motion for pitch/roll and heave which sits on top of a a PT actuator "low rider" for surge and traction loss and uses Sim Racing Studio 2.0 software.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!