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AMS2 - Runaway wheel

Christophe O.

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Bernard Villers Jr
on 09/19/2022 17:59:08

Hi I ve experience twice a runaway wheel in AMS2.  Twice it occured during a crash and I think both time it was with open wheel ( not sure for the first time and if it matters ).

This is quite annoying as you can imaging it destroy the cord connecting the wheel to the base.   It is already twice I have to repair the cable.

Is it something that someone else experimented as well ?.  I m not sure how the Soft stops can be overwitted by a game input  ( maybe a higher speed wheel command or ... ) but it happend already twice to me.  Maybe it happened more but if i can hold the well I try to do it not confident about the runaway anymore.

There is also quite annoying behavior , that may come from the game, when you hit ESC to select BACK to PIT i.e. that  the wheel ( when the game is in pause ) try to go full left ( most of the time),  Usually it go to the soft Stops, sometimes gently sometimes quite heavely.  Is it a way to read the sharemem knowing the game is in pause and ignore wheel inputr from the game ?  I asked on the reiza forum and it seems it is a common problem.