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360 Hz iRacing FFB

Wayne Hutchison

The question has been closed for reason: Duplicate post

Bernard Villers Jr
on 03/05/2024 23:32:07

Is Simxperience actively working on incorporating the new "360 Hz" FFB into the Accuforce?

Post from David Tucker below:

So this allows us to send multiple samples to the wheel in one call, for playback at a higher frequency. This removes the timing constraint of us trying to push the samples across very quickly without adding in jitter. It really should be a built in call in DirectInput. The benefit here is that we can let much higher frequency signals pass on through to the wheel. With straight DirectInput calls were limited to around 20-30 Hz max, and with this call we can generate frequencies up to around 120-180 Hz. The vast majority of signals are below 20 Hz, but this still helps in dynamic situations, like when hitting a curb.

This does not improve stability, that can only happen with a rewrite of our physics engine, and that is not something we can pull off in one season. It basically does what irFFB does, but in side the wheels firmware, so with much more precise timing. In theory that means the wheel can do better filtering as well, since the incoming signal has more high frequency data to work with.

Right now it is only available on the Logitech PRO wheel, and Simucube is now close to complete. It is working great on a dev build, but there is a bit of polish that needs to happen before it can go out to members. I'm not sure if we will release this next season, or in a later patch/season, but we are very close. I have to say Simucube did an excellent job on this, the signal passes through very cleanly with no transients or noise. It works very well.