SimVibe Software

SimXperience SimVibe is an advanced, multi-dimensional audio based feedback software.

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    What is SimXperience SimVibe?

    SimXperience SimVibe is an advanced, multi-dimensional audio based feedback software (for racing simulators and cockpits) that utilizes one to eight bass transducers (ButtKickers, Bass Shakers, etc..) to provide the correct physics based vibrations at each corner of your simulator and throughout the simulator. This greatly enhances immersion and drivability. It's a great companion to our already immersive motion simulators but can be applied to motionless simulators as well.

    You'll feel every available detail of the road surface, engine and transmission in the correct placement on your simulator via 3D spatial vibrations and reverberations.

    True Physics Based Feedback


    Simulates Road Texture


    Simulates Engine Vibrations


    Simulates Road Bumps


    Simulates Gear Changes


    Simulates Engine Harmonics


    Simulates Gear Grinding


    Simulates Vehicle Bumps and Rubs


    Greatly Enhances Motion Simulators


    Simulates Collisions


    Gives Life To Motionless Cockpits


    Easy To Use / Automatic Cloud Tuning


    How Does It Work?

    Simply connect one or more ButtKickers / Bass Shakers to your simulator as you normally would and install the SimVibe software on your Windows 10 or 11 PC. Our software does the rest and provides you with true physics based detail throughout your cockpit and complete control of your vibratory feedback experience.

    Also Includes:

    • AccuForce steering system functionality*

    • G-Belt functionality*

    • Customizable dashboards

    • Game overlay for tuning and dashboards

    • Voice controlled tuning

    • Visual lap analyzer

    * Requires device

    NOTE: All SimXperience motion devices offer a full suite of flight and racing effects. SimVibe tactile feedback currently offers a full suite of racing effects and a work in progress suite of flight effects.