AccuForce Pro V2 Steering System

The SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2 "Complete" is a professional racing simulation steering system. When combined with todays best racing simulation games, the AccuForce Pro is as close as you can get to driving the real thing and is delivered in a convenient, ready to run, plug-n-play package.

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    Revised For 2022
    Now Includes Wireless Carbon Fiber
    Button Box


    Our single high-performance chip handles real-time encoder inputs, 50,000 motor updates per second and up to 2000 inbound communications per second giving the AccuForce significant performance and realism advantages over competing multi-chip designs that lose performance in inter-chip communication resulting in unwanted lag and oscillation.

    Always Dialed In

    It doesn't matter how great your force feedback system is, if it isn't dialed-in then neither are you. We take the effort & guesswork out of force feedback tuning with our fully automated cloud-tuning database containing millions of data points spanning every major game, car and track combination. Just click and drive!

    Highly Customizable Direct Drive Force Feedback

    The AccuForce provides the most customizable direct drive force feedback experience available on the market today. Advanced users can even opt to completely disregard the simulator provided force feedback and craft their own experience using our advanced software suite.

    Custom Motor Design & Controller

    No off the shelf parts here. We've engineered and matched our motor control system and motor for optimal performance. Our hybrid motor design borrows the best attributes of servo motors and combines it with the best of stepper motors providing incredible acceleration (without unwanted oscillation) and no heat fade.

    Includes Wireless Wheel Button Box

    • Beautiful carbon fiber finish

    • Machined aluminum buttons

    • 10 total buttons

    • 2 Rotaries

    • 2 Toggle Switches

    • Highly adjustable machined aluminum shifters

    • Multiple charging options

    • Up to 400 hours of battery life 

    Includes Automotive Grade Quick Release

    • Precision machined aluminum ball-lock quick release

    • Suitable for use on actual race cars.

    Engineered, Assembled & Supported In The USA

    Our products are built here and built right. Should you require tuning advice or technical support, our native English speaking staff, each with over 10 years of simulation experience, is here to help.

    Full Analytics Suite

    Record a lap and analyze the performance of your AccuForce moment by moment on a track map. No other direct drive simulation steering system can match the analytics capability of the AccuForce

    Includes SimVibe

    Your AccuForce includes our award winning SimVibe tactile/vibratory feedback software which provides physics driven vibrations throughout your simulator to represent things like engine RPM, gear changes, bumps, road texture, collisions, etc..