Motion Simulator Kit Upgrades

GS-5 G-Seat
The SimXperience GS-5 G-Force simulation seat is a full 6DOF motion feedback system for flight or racing simulation. Unlike other motion devices, the GS-5 produces strong, sustained body pressure feedback and can respond to all up/down, side-to-side, and forward/backward G-forces that occur in the simulation. Almost any motion cue you feel in a real car or plane can be conveyed by a SimXperience G-Seat
2,999.00 2999.0 USD
G-Belt Dual Axis Active Seat Belt Tensioning System
The SimXperience G-Belt is a Dual-Axis, highly tunable, active belt tension feedback system for flight or racing simulation.
999.00 999.0 USD
1,503.00 1503.0 USD
Rear Traction Loss Upgrade - Stage 2
The Rear Traction Loss Add-On allows for an even more precise simulation by adding a third actuator arm and motion base extension in order to simulate vehicle rotation in addition to G-Forces! This SimXperience original and exclusive design allows drivers to find the edge of traction by feel unlike any competing simulator.
1,304.00 1304.0 USD
SimVibe Mounting Brackets - Stage Series
Mounting brackets allow for Buttkicker Mini LFE SE Transducers to be mounted to the chassis of a SimXperience Stage Series Simulator. 
100.00 100.0 USD
Stage Series Side Rails and Panels
This upgrade to the Stage 3 full motion racing simulator adds structural rigidity, improves appearance and adds a mouse tray. You'll feel more like you are sitting in something rather than on something.
500.00 500.0 USD
G-Belt - Stage Series Mount
The SimXperience Stage Series G-Belt Mount is intended for use when mounting the G-Belt on the T-Bar of SimXperience Stage Series motion simulators.
49.99 49.99 USD