DIY Motion Simulator Accessories

Universal Motion Seat Kit
For the Hardcore DIY simulator builder we offer the SimXperience Universal Motion Seat Kit. This kit allows you to bolt professional motion simulation onto any flat surface!
557.00 557.0 USD
SimXperience Custom Racing Seat
The SimXperience Racing Seat is the perfect bolt-on addition to any Stage Series motion simulator. This seat is custom moulded to maximize Lateral G-Force sensation and prevent loss of motion detail for occupants between100lbs and 240lbs.

Anti-Slip Cloth
Wear Inhibitors in Key Areas
Durable Fibreglass Shell With Black Gel Coat
Optimized for Stage Series Simulators
236.00 236.0 USD
DIY Rear Traction Loss Simulation Kit
The Rear Traction Loss Kit provides the ultimate in motorsport simulation - the ability to feel what's happening in the rear  of the vehicle in the seat of your pants!
1,510.00 1510.0 USD
Actuator Mounting and Dampening Kit
The SimXperience SCN5 Actuator Mounting and Dampening Kit Provides the ability to easily mount the Dyadic 100mm and 150mm linear actuators that are included in our Motion Start Kits. This Kit is intended for the hardcore DIY simulator builder who does not wish to utilize the ready made SimXperience Seat Base or Universal Seat Kit.
109.00 109.0 USD